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Hunting Property for Sale

Hunting Property for Sale

Your Search for Hunting Property for Sale Ends Here

Are you looking for hunting property for sale? We have some great listings available. At Trophy Class Real Estate, we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied before, during and after the sale.

If you know what you want, but want help finding it, one of our agents can help. Let’s sit down and have a conversation about what’s important to you to narrow the search. These are some examples of the questions to consider now.

Will you want land with a house or without? You may want to build your own, or you may simply want a place people can drive out to for a few hours on the weekend. Knowing whether lodging is part of your plan significantly changes the direction of your search of hunting property for sale. Certainly, hunting land can be a great investment both personally and financially for you. Understanding your goals is the first step to helping you get off on the right property direction.

Property to Fit Your Budget and Checklist

What’s your budget? As of the writing of this article, we have hunting land for sale that ranges from $18,000 (land only) to $1.8 million that includes a magnificent 5,000 square foot hunting lodge for sale along with the 270 acres it sits upon. Knowing an estimate of what you’re willing and able to invest in your purchase can efficiently put us on the right course.

If a house is part of the plan, the number of bedrooms and square footage is important to note too. We’ve seen some beautiful, well maintained cabins within modest budgets that worked perfectly for past clients. Also, don’t rule out covered garages and basements. Given the number of people who would be sheltering there, we’ve seen some creative transitions to better fit the new owners’ needs.

What size plot are you interested in? Hunting land for sale varies anywhere from 1 acre to 520. Knowing the answers to the first two questions will help inform the size of the acreage you’ll be looking at.

Hunting Property for Sale for All Types of Hunters

What kind of hunting do you want to do there? If you want to hunt deer, you want to make you’re your search includes topography and terrain features that good deer hunting property for sale with almost certainly have. Some examples are cover funnels, edges, saddles, points and ridgelines. If small game, like say turkeys, may be more your speed, high grounds and ridge lines are key to providing good vantage for roosting trees.

What’s a reasonable driving distance to get to and from the property? Again, if you’re going to be traveling out there for days on end, you may be more willing to drive further than if you’ve only got a couple of hours to hunt. Understanding your appetite for commute length will most certainly inform our search for the right hunting property for sale for you.

What else do you want to do on the property? One might think having a water source either on the property or close by is necessary for hunting. But as a seasoned hunter, you know that deer and small mammals don’t need large supplies of water to survive. All they really need are puddles of rain or melted snow. However, if fishing or other water sports are part of your plan, a search for hunting property for sale will also need to include those that feature access to a lake, riverbed, or stream.

Will you need paved access or are you willing to add that after the sale? This may not seem like a big decision point for you, but it could have a big financial impact. Depending on the length of the property and desired location for access points to a main road, paved access could turn out to be tens of thousands of dollars. These are all things you want to know ahead of time to help factor into your budget and alleviate any expensive surprises on the back end of a hunting property sale.

Whatever Your Questions Are, Trophy Class Can Help

Have other questions or must-haves on your list? Just ask us. We love helping connect people with their ideal fit for location, property use, and desired lifestyle. Set up a chat with one of our agents today by emailing or calling one of our friendly team members at 616-414-5420. We look forward to serving you!

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