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Michigan Lake Homes

Michigan Lake Homes

The surprising pastime that’s great news for Michigan Lake Homes and their owners

Lake homes are some of the most sought-after properties all over America, but especially here in the Great Lakes state. Seriously, if you want to live on or near the water, what could be better than some of our Lake Michigan waterfront homes?

For sale consideration, there are literally thousands of questions home owners ask themselves and potential buyers. For one, there’s a long list of pastimes you’ll want to know about, if you’re thinking of selling. Even if you aren’t interested in them yourself. You may not even have heard them all. For instance, did you know that Lake Michigan is home to hundreds of shipwrecks? Yes, this too is now a selling point!

Seriously. How has this become a thing?

We see some pretty strong storms stir up the lake waters in the fall. This is when the cold fronts of the incoming winter season collide with outgoing summer warm fronts. Unfortunately for boaters, this makes for precarious sailing. Stronger storms have been known to sneak up and capsize many a boat captain and crew, so you may have a negative association with this phenomenon. So, what benefit could this possibly have for Michigan lake homes and their owners?

Well as unfortunate as this is for the boat owners, it’s a completely different story for the wildlife. A few short months after a wreck, these sunken ships are teeming with aquatic life. In fact, this has in recent years made Lake Michigan one of the best places in the world for scuba diving and shipwreck exploration. Not to mention the habitat coverage for young fish sheltering from larger mouths. Homes for sale on Lake Michigan boast tons of selling points, don’t they? The view, the activities, the surrounding locale, the weather (most of the time), the wildlife, and now the scuba diving!

Some divers even prefer fresh water diving over marine diving. Why? Well, in warm ocean water, the harshness of the salt breaks down ship wreckage rather quickly. Contrast that with the cold climate of the water in Michigan, and lake homes for creatures under the surface host a non-saline environment – one that’s perfect for preserving history for divers. That coupled with the number of boats relative to the size of the lake, and you have hundreds of underwater habitats ripe to discover.

One example of this is the SS Milwaukee. This was a train ferry that launched in Lake Michigan in 1902, and sank on October 22, 1929. Fifty-two men were lost with the vessel. Yet, almost nine decades later the whole of the wreckage is almost perfectly preserved. A history lesson and a chance to get up close and personal with the creatures that now call it home just about one hundred feet below the surface.

Another is the SS Anna C. Minch, a 380-foot steel steamer built in 1903. After the Armistice Day Blizzard  on November 11, 1940, claimed three freighters including the Anna Minch. Now serving as a popular dive site, the Anna Minch is located about one and half miles south of Pentwater, in only about 40 feet of water. There are literally hundreds of cases just like these, where the weather was stronger than the technology of the times.

Besides divers and ship wreck explorers, who are Michigan waterfront homes for?

Sales over the past decade have skyrocketed as people become more conscious of their values, what kind of lifestyle they want to live, and all the choices that our great state has to offer. There are many options available to us, some of them seasonal, but many are year-round. You don’t have to personally enjoy ship wreck sites to appreciate the benefits they now provide.

As a seller, understanding all the selling points of your home, to potential buyers of Michigan lake homes is one of our superpowers. Like a gem in our hands, we’ll turn your house over until the best possible light is revealed. Because we look at your house and surrounding property from all the potential perspectives, not just your own. Call Trophy Class Real Estate at 616-414-5420 to get started today.

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