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Searching for Hunter Properties

Searching for Hunter Properties

Are you searching for hunter properties? We recommend using the Trophy Class Real Estate online portal! This online listing portal makes your search for unique hunting property simple and fun. To begin your search, enter the easy-to-use portal by clicking here. This portal will help you find the perfect land or property. Once inside the portal, feel free to focus your search and narrow your results to include only “hunting land”, “vacant land”, “waterfront vacant”, or any other property type that suits your needs. Simply click here to start your search for hunter properties and filter your results using the options found on the left-hand side of the portal. If you have any questions about this online search tool, or if you’re looking for a property, in particular, feel free to give Trophy Class Real Estate a call at 616.414.5420! We are here to help.

While searching for hunter properties inside the online portal, you will find that you can also search for properties listed by a specific agent. This is helpful if you have an agent in mind or if you’ve already connected with someone from our team. For example, you may want to look specifically at properties listed by the President and Owner at Trophy Class Real Estate, Ian Volchoff. Ian primarily represents clients in the purchase and sales of hunting, lakefront, and riverfront properties, because he himself is an active fisherman, hunter, and outdoor enthusiast. You can view Ian’s listings here or continue to get to know the rest of our team here.

In case you’re new to us, Trophy Class Real Estate is one of the top recreational realtors in Michigan specializing in selling premium properties across the state. Our agents have extensive experience listing unique Michigan properties such as lakefronts, hunting land, river property, farming operations and conservation properties. Because of this vast experience, we are able to represent properties from quaint cottages to luxurious lodges with abundant acreage to all sizes of vacant tracts of land used for hunting, farming, and recreation.

Along with providing unique hunting land and homes in the Michigan area, Trophy Class Real Estate also works hard to provide extensive services for our clients. These services allow us to provide exactly what you need both now and in the future. We offer property management across the state, property mapping services, gate installation, fence installation, hunting blind sets, RV sets and transportation, dock/boat in and out services, trail maintenance, property line demarcation, cottage winterization and summarization, emergency off-season access, and food plots.

As a whole, the team at Trophy Class Real Estate is on a mission to take the stress out of finding, maintaining, and selling real estate! Our online search portal makes it easy to find hunting land for sale in Michigan. If you go out of town and want the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone you trust is looking after your land, we have a program for weekly and monthly check-ups. If you get caught in rough Michigan weather, our fully tracked quad, snowmobiles, high clearance jeep, and off-road bikes are sure to be able to find you and your camp. When it comes time to prep your land for winter a without damage, we can do that, too. Trophy Class Real Estate even makes sure your land is ready to go before each and every hunting season by using our mapping software to establish your property boundaries quickly and with as little impact as possible.

Trophy Class Real Estate has a reputation as one of the best real estate companies in Michigan because of our many years of experience in sales of land and rural homes around the area. Please give us a call today at 616.414.5420 or send us an email at for more information about any of our listings or services. You can also search directly for hunter properties on our website here. If you’re looking for something in particular, feel free to give us a call at 616.414.5420 or fast-track your efforts by narrowing your search to include any qualities or specifications for which you’re looking. For example, you can narrow your search by property type (such as acreage, waterfront, commercial, etc.), listing agent, county, city, and other features important to you (such as creek frontage, fishing land, hunting land, wooded, panoramic views, etc.). We can’t wait to hear from you and meet your real estate needs!

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