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Why List With Trophy Class Real Estate?
Trophy Class Real Estate Services goal is to provide our existing and new clients resources for quality, dependable and cost effective service work on their lands, homes and cottages. We provide: property management across the state, property mapping services, gate installation, fence installation, hunting blind sets, RV sets and transportation, dock / boat in and out services, trail maintenance, property line demarcation, cottage winterization and summarization, emergency off season access, and food plots.
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General Contractors

We have two licensed builders on staff with a combined 40 years experience. Our contacts include log home suppliers and custom wood work experts. Let us build the cabin to suit your needs if you cannot find it on the market.

Off Season Check Ups

If you go out of town and would like the piece of mind knowing someone is looking after your second home, we have a program for weekly and monthly check ups. Includes minimal plowing. Exterior evaluation and or Interior. Mail check and general look about on the surrounding land.

Remote Access Assistance

We have the vehicles to get into your camp when other can’t. A fully tracked quad, snowmobiles, high clearance jeep, off road bikes and more. If you’re having an issue and Michigan’s weather or environment is getting the best of the situation we may be able to assist in short notice.

Food Plots and Habitat Improvement

We will work with our or your biologist to make your property dynamite. Clearing food plots, slashing trees, improving cover and water sources. Our resources combine mapping, forest plans, wildlife experts so that you have the best and the most robust hunting your area can offer.

Consulting Services

We are happy to lend just advice on any of these subjects:

  • Qualified forest Applications
  • Mineral Rights
  • Agricultural leases and values
  • Home Site Selection
  • Habitat Management
  • Anything relating to Real Estate Transactions
Winterization and Summarization

We are happy to make sure your cottage or camp is ready to winter without damage. Prepping pipes, bathrooms, appliances, gutters, roofs, lawn and driveway with experience and efficiency. When you are ready to head up in the spring, schedule us to make sure the furnace is running and the water is back on.

Property Line Demarcation

Before next hunting season have us out to use our mapping software to establish your property boundaries quickly and with as little impact as possible.

Trail Creation and Maintenance

Properties that have well planned roads and trails hunt better, show better when for sale and are all around more interesting to use. We have all the equipment and knowledge to cut in and clean up a trail system on your land.

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